Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The End

After hours in the studio, thousands of takes and a massive amount of auto-correction...

Technology and the Shanty

Perhaps we saw a step-change in Kelp! tonight?

As well as the traditional sawdust, smokey log burner and a vast array of tools all intent on harming saw the addition of...a microphone.

Looks of horror quickly formed on normally placid, time- and weather-worn faces as, seemingly as one, we realised there was no longer anywhere to hide.

Some were thinking 'I'm gonna have to learn some more words'. Some 'I really should learn the tune'. 

Snippets will be posted here as soon as I've worked out how...

Juxtaposed Tech

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

And How Do You Know She's a Yankee Clipper?

By the Stars and Bars that fly behind her
(From 'Blow, Me Bully Boys, Blow', not a song we've ventured into.  Yet.)

A number of remarkable things in this picture:

  • Julian again
  • A chap called Mike who I sincerely hope we'll see again
  • Some ear defenders
  • Pete looking like he's trying to hang himself
  • And a Glimpse of the Summerwine Boat (BB15)
There's another boat in the shed too at the moment, more of her and her builder in a later post