Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Barrett's Privateers

A recent addition to our songlist, we performed a version of this great song at the Square and Compass last week

Barrett's PrivateersStan Rogers

Oh, the year was 1778,
     How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
A letter of marque came from the King
To the scummiest vessel I’ve ever seen.

God damn them all!
I was told we’d cruise the seas for American gold
We’d fire no guns, shed no tears.
Now I’m a broken man on a Halifax pier,
The last of Barrett’s Privateers.

Oh, Elcid Barrett cried the town
     How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
For twenty brave souls, all fisherman, who
Would make for him the Antelope’s crew.

The Antelope sloop was a sickening sight
     How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
She'd a list to port and her sails in rags
And the cook in the scuppers with the staggers and jags.

On the king’s birthday we set to sea
      How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
It was ninety-one days to Montego Bay
Pumping like madmen all the way.

On the ninety-sixth day we sailed again
      How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
When a bloody great Yankee hove in sight
With our cracked four-pounders we made to fight.

Oh, the Yankee lay low down with gold
     How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
She was broad and fat and loose in stays
But to catch her took the Antelope two whole days.

Then at length we stood two cables away
     How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
Our cracked four-pounders made an awful din
But with one fat ball the Yank stove us in.

Oh, the Antelope shook and pitched on her side
     ( "How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!")
Oh Barrett was smashed like a bowl of eggs
And the maintruck carried off both me legs.

So here I sit in my twenty-third year
     ( "How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!")
It’s been six years since I sailed away
And I just made Halifax yesterday.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Centipede's Dilemma

Shanty Pete was in fine form on Monday evening, but seemed keen on starting songs and allowing lesser shantymen to finish them off.

I took Pete's behaviour as an example of the Master coaching the Apprentice. After all, as the psychologist Geoffrey Humphrey observed "No man skilled at a trade needs to put his constant attention on the routine work. If he does, the job is apt to be spoiled"

I mentioned this to Pete and got, to my surprise, the following reply:

Hi Steve,
Apologies for only singing the first two verses last night and thank you for noticing!I must be suffering from ‘short verse syndrome’ which I believe is a precursor to other geriatric anomalies (which I also suffer from),  or it might just be an overdose of ‘the bloody fishing boat knackering condition’ which I have obviously caught in Ridge over the past few weeks. I have made an appointment with Dr Baker who I am sure will prescribe some suitable pills or send me for a brain scan and this means I will be ok for next Monday @ the shed!Salutations
Shanty Pete

Now I'm no Doctor, but perhaps Pete is suffering from The Centipede's Dilemma?

A centipede was happy – quite!
Until a toad in fun
Said, "Pray, which leg moves after which?"
This raised her doubts to such a pitch,
She fell exhausted in the ditch
Not knowing how to run.


A spider met a centipede while hurrying down the street,
"How do you move at such a speed, with all so many feet?"
"I do not have to contemplate to keep them all in line,
But if I start to concentrate they're tangled all the time!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Square and Compass

How do you describe the Square and Compass?

For one thing, it is a venue many performers are proud to put on their bio   -  and Kelp! are no exception.

Robin kindly rounded up a few musicians to form a 'Shanty Oriented open music night' and a great evening was had by all (as you can clearly see in the pic).

Local colour was provided by the Kelpettes! - the support much appreciated and a little soprano ghosting over the top of John 'Knopfler' Gilmour set the tone nicely.

It was great to play alongside Mike, Dave and Paul - there's talk of a monthly reunion.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Tonight, for one night only...

Robin has organised (at least, I hope he has) an open music night at the world famous Square & Compass in Worth Matravers.

Kelp! will be there.  I hope they let us stay.